Authors Applications for 2018 Are Now Closed

Applications will open for our 2019 Festival in October.

To be considered, your book:

  • was published in 2017, 2018, or 2019
  • was published in print form
  • was published by a traditional publishing house, independent, or university press
  • is available for distribution at a returnable trade discount from either publisher or one of our regular distributors (Please note: is not considered a distributor)
  • is written for a general trade audience (i.e., not strictly academic, religious, or specialized)

Things to consider:

  • The Greensboro Bound Selection Team is comprised of literary and publishing professionals from Greensboro and the surrounding area, looking to create a diverse mix of voices, genres, audiences, age ranges, and interests
  • Greensboro Bound reserves the right to accept or reject any submission at their sole discretion. All decisions are final and are not subject to review
  • Due to the high level of submissions, Greensboro Bound is unable to provide updates on the status of individual applications
  • Books will be stocked and sold through our official bookseller, Scuppernong Books, a New York Times reporting independent bookseller
  • eBooks, manuscripts, and electronic copies will not be considered
  • All submitted materials become property of Greensboro Bound and will be recycled.

We look forward to receiving your application. Please contact with any questions.

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