Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Greensboro Literary Organization is:

  • Bring readers and writers together throughout the year 
  • Get authors and their books in front of students  
  • Produce the Greensboro Bound Literary Festival 
  • Promote inclusivity by producing programs that confront systemic racism and oppression, in our community and beyond.

Greensboro Bound Literary Festival celebrates diverse voices from around the world, honors North Carolina’s long and varied literary traditions, and welcomes an inclusive community of readers from Greensboro and beyond.

Our Vision

Greensboro Bound Literary Festival will bring outstanding writers of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, young-adult and children’s books to our community and into our schools.  It will encourage committed readers to further engage with literature and spark new enthusiasm for reading among beginners.  By promoting reading and civil public discussion, the Festival will bridge social and cultural divides across our city and region.  Greensboro Bound will foster an understanding of writing as a process that allows free expression, deepens critical thought, and helps sustain a culture of inquiry and delight that is open to all.