Community Impact

One of the missions of Greensboro Bound is to bring together readers and writers.  Through an annual assessment of our activities we are able to gauge the impact we are having in our community. Read our complete 2019 impact report here.

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Highlights from 2019


  • 3,706 attendees at the 2019 May Festival
  • 8,281 students from 47 author visits (25 visits at Title I schools, reaching 5, 216 students)

Books Donated to Schools

  • 1,250

Economic Impact

  • $605, 858

Festival attendance

  • 24% increase from 2018 to 2019 (2,985 vs 3,706)


What people are saying:

Greensboro Bound was such a well-organized, warm, welcoming event. One of the best, if not the best I’ve participated in. -Huda Al-Manashi, author

Now me and my friend are inspired to write a book together! -4th grade student after author visit

I’m so excited to meet a real author who is not dead! – 6th grade student

Greensboro Bound has great heart, energy, and writer-spirit. – Aran Shetterly, author

I am still aglow. I feel honored to have met such wonderful writers, readers, and volunteers. – Michelle Berger, author

From start to finish, this festival is brilliantly designed. – Jo Watson Hackl, author

The most well organized, enjoyable, fun, and thoughtful festival I’ve been a part of. -Jamey Bradbury, author