Top 6 Reasons You Should Volunteer for Greensboro Bound


History will happen next May when authors and poets (and who knows what else) converge downtown to celebrate writing and all things related. This kind of history needs to be a people’s history.

We need you to make it happen.

Greensboro Bound will host its first volunteer meeting at 7 pm on September 13th at Scuppernong Books. This initial gathering is a meet-n-greet to hear about where we are in the festival’s progress and how you can contribute to the cause. To learn more, click here. To go ahead and sign up, click here!

Greensboro Bound needs volunteers before, during, and after the festival. We need people to be room attendants, to escort authors, help set-up and break down event spaces before and after. We need help with smaller events between now and the festival. We need volunteers at Greensboro Bound informational tables during First Fridays. We need an array of talents and resources!

We need anybody who will look great in a Greensboro Bound t-shirt, and that is everybody.

Still not convinced you belong? Let me give you a few more reasons:

1. Nothing quite like this has ever happened in Greensboro. You can brag to everybody that you’re part of it.

Imagine a Greensboro Bound logo on her hat. See? THIS COULD BE YOU.

2. You know you’ve always wanted to spend a weekend with a bunch of writers.

3. A literary festival can’t happen without cool people, and volunteers are the coolest people.

4. People who read books are interesting. This is a great way to meet the most interesting people in the world.

5. North Carolina is the Writingest State, but Greensboro is probably the most writingest city in N.C. You can’t throw a rock down Elm Street without hitting a writer. That’s something worth celebrating!

6. Greensboro Bound is a celebration of people and ideas, and one we hope will bring book lovers in from the region. North Carolina is an amazing place for writers and for people who love reading. Even John Green fans know this to be true. Show some love for this state and for your city: volunteer to be the heartbeat of Greensboro Bound.


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